List of Countries where the Use of Tobacco is the Highest

A report by says, the world’s 20% of population is addicted to tobacco. In the year 2009, cigarettes nearly 5.9 trillion were consumed, showcasing an increase of almost 13% in the consumption of it.

Check the countries where the consumption of tobacco takes place per capita

  1. Montenegro
  • Consumption of cigarette per capita is; 2,157

Historically, the consumption of tobacco has always been the highest in countries with high-income, but with the help of increasing social acceptability, targeted marketing, economic development, increase in population, the consumption of the same has increased in middle and low income countries as well.

  1. Belarus
  • Consumption of cigarette per capita is; 2,266

Western Europe decreased its consumption by 26% in the year 1990 and that went on till 2009, whereas Africa and Middle East increased it by 57% in the course of this period

  1. Bosnia- Herzegovina
  • Consumption of cigarette per capita is; 2,278

Consumption of tobacco is highly responsible for burden of diseases, however, while the prevalence of global smoking is decreasing or even flat in some places, the number of smokers around the world is increasing due to the growth in population.

  1. Slovenia
  • Consumption of cigarette per capita is; 2,369

While the number of cigarettes that is consumed annually is about 6 trillion, the nicotine consumption pattern might go through a shift in coming days as people today are seeking for alternative ways to consume nicotine like vape or e-cigarettes.

  1. Ukraine
  • Consumption of cigarette per capita is; 2,401

As tobacco intake is increasing in middle and low income countries, they are bound to experience tobacco related diseases and even disproportionate number of death. Especially in China, and if Chinese women start consuming it much then the cigarette global consumption, economy and health care of the country will skyrocket.

  1. Moldova
  • Consumption of cigarette per capita is; 2,479

Across the world, cigarette consumption around 48% in the world was contributed by Western Pacific, Europe contributed to 24% and Americans contributed to 11%

  1. Russia
  • Consumption of cigarette per capita; 2,786
  1. Greece
  • Consumption of cigarette per capita is; 2,795
  1. Bulgaria
  • Consumption of cigarette per capita is; 2,822

Bulgaria even took the initiative of enforcing a complete ban on tobacco in all public places which included restaurants and bars.

  1. Serbia
  • Consumption of cigarette per capita is; 2,861

Serbia, in the year 2010, even introduced strict anti tobacco measures, which was the toughest one executed in the country of Balkans, where adults around 33.6% smoked.

Use of tobacco is also quiet higher when it comes to certain communities, groups such as, Alaska Natives and American Indians, also including Puerto- Ricans and Cuban-Americans. Also certain tobacco is higher in certain communities like menthol cigarette is greatly used by African-American. Menthol cigarette is also considered to be quite a different kind, which is easier to begin with and is very hard to quit. Current research also stated that the death rate percentage among Alaska native and American Indians with strokes and heart diseases is higher than white women and men.